Why my website was not accepted in Creativesden gallery? Can you give me any feedback?

First of all a very warm thank you for submitting your website on Creativesden Gallery. Unfortunately because of the high volume of submissions Creativesden receives it is currently not feasible for us to provide individual feedback for unselected submissions. An experienced designers team carefully reviews each submission to determine its suitability for the Creativesden Gallery.

Design and visuals are a matter of taste, so if your item has been rejected it may be that the look and feel simply don’t match what we’re looking for here at Creativesden. We suggest that you compare your item to some of the others in a similar category to look for any possible improvements.

No insult or criticism is intended when an item is not approved, and we apologize that not everything can be included in the gallery. Happily there are many other galleries around (200+ CSS Gallery Website List), and we encourage you to submit your work to both Creativesden and similar sites to maximize your chances of being showcased.

How to get instant Approved?

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I have some feedback

We would love to hear from you about how can we improve our gallery. feel free to write to us hello[at]

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Thanks for being part of this gallery!

Creativesden Team