Badr Food stuff with more than 30 years background in producing food stuffs and 23 years experience in export of best quality materials, bearing standard label, holding export identity card from ministry of industry, due to finding its real place in the world is thinking about successful export. HOUFARD engineering food stuff Company (Badr Food Stuff) by using talent experts and utilizing advanced machinery in modern packaging could capture a large amount of work market and limited its foreign competitors.

The said mater is not resulted except round the clock efforts of the personnel. suitable use of all facilities and benefiting from modern industrial management. the said facilities enable Badr Food Stuff Company to export its products to all european & Asian Countries, as a pioneer of modern quality and packing and obtained the high quality and packaging prize (EUROPE BID) of the year 2000 from Spain. This is the greatest honor for the personal, experts and directors of Badr food stuff company.